Empower Network Review





Empower Network Review

In March of 2013 Empower Network celebrated having over 100,000 customers. If you are new to Empower Network you might be wondering what is all the hype about and why so many people are joining the network. This review seeks to answer all of the questions that you might have about Empower Network and how its members are making so much money.

In this review we will explain what the Empower Network is, the products you can promote, what costs are involved and how the compensation plan works. We will also tell you about the upcoming 2013 Chicago event, which is expected to have over 5000 visitors. At the end of the review we will offer our overall recommendation as to whether we think you should join the Empower Network.

What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a complete online marketing education program. It includes DVDs, videos and webinar training. The training covers such topics as how to build your brand, professional blogging, and lead generation.

You also get access to what is known as the Viral Blogging Network. When you become part of this network you will receive a fully search engine optimized blog which is based on the WordPress platform. These blogs are easy to rank for because they received powerful back links from the Empower Network home site, which has a very high page rank and is one of the most highly trafficked sites on the internet.

The training that you receive teaches you how to create content for your blog. Through daily audio messages you are motivated to create new content for you blog each day. As this content is indexed by the search engines you receive sales commissions for products that you promote. If you are promoting the Empower Network itself, you will receive 100% commissions on any sales that you make.

How much does Empower Network cost?

If you join Empower Network at the basic level it will cost you $25 a month. For that price you will receive access to the training materials mentioned above as well your own viral blog.

The next level up is what is known as the “inner circle” which costs $100 a month. When you join the inner circle you receive the training and blog mentioned above as well weekly audio motivational logs. These audio logs act as both an educational resource and motivation. Along with inspiration and mindset development, they also include interviews with other successful inner Empower Network members and explain how they are growing their business.

You also have the option of purchasing the Costa Rican intensive training which is a one off payment of $500. This is an 11 DVD course which covers top end training in online marketing.

There is also the “15K formula” which is the second highest level training offered by the Empower Network. It is priced at $1000, which is a one off fee.

Finally there is the Master’s Retreat.  This is the ultimate product Empower Network offers.  It is priced at $3,500 and pays a $3,000 commission to the affiliate.

It is important to note that the higher priced products are in no way compulsory. Everything that you need to operate your Empower Network business can be found in the $25 package, including full training. It is good to know however that there are other options available if you need more help growing your business.

Which products can you promote?

As mentioned earlier as a representative for the empower network you will receive a 100% commission on any of the products that you sell. However you can only promote the products that you own. So for example if you want to promote the Costa Rican intensive training you must first purchase it. This ensures that Empower Network users are actually knowledgeable about the products and can talk confidently about them. It also allows you to use your own experiences as testimonials for the product.

How does empower network compensation plan work?

Empower network has a unique compensation plan and so it is important that you understand how it works. This compensation plan allows you to make money not only from your own sales, but also from those people that you recruit into the network.

Essentially you receive commissions on the 2nd, 4th and 6th sale of anyone that you recruit into the network. After that you will receive commissions on every 5 sales that they make.

What are the advantages of Empower Network?

We have already mentioned the training and the viral blog that is included when you join as a basic member. There are also some other important benefits that you should know about.

Firstly Empower Network is a great source of residual income. Members that join the network pay a monthly fee, of which you receive a 100% commission. So if you recruited 20 people to the “inner circle” you can expect to receive commissions of $2,000 a month. Because of the ongoing training, the Empower Network community and the low monthly costs, people tend to stay with the Network for a long period of time.

Another great feature is how quickly you can make back your initial investment with the empower network. Because of the 100% commission you only need to get one person to join in order for you to get your initial investment back.

Finally the tiered compensation plan means that you can continue to produce sales even when you are not working.

What is the 2013 Chicago Empower Network Event?

On the 19th of April, Empower Network will be holding a huge marketing event for members of its community. There they will cover everything you need to know about internet marketing and using the viral blogging network to build a highly lucrative business. Over 5000 people are expected to join the Empower Network event.

Overall Recommendation

Whether you are new to internet marketing or a complete beginner, Empower Network is an excellent way to build a significant online income. One of the reasons that so many people fail to make money online is because they lack clear direction and a workable blueprint to follow. Empower Network provides you with everything that you need to get started and your earning potential is virtually unlimited.

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